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My name is Susie Ames and I live with my family in Mill Valley, California. I've painted since I was a child, mostly copies of Patrick Nagel paintings. After receiving my Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Art Center College of Design, I worked as an artist at Sony Online Entertainment, as a graphic designer and most recently I've owned a children's arts, crafts and candle making studio.
After closing my studio due to a rent hike, I've decided to start painting again and creating my own art blog. I haven't painted technically since art school so please bear with me.

This site is for those who love and appreciate the visual arts. Please enjoy!

other art

This is a collaborative painting I started with parents at a fundraiser for the Reed School District in Tiburon. I later had the kids add to it, then in the end I added some flowers. There's another canvas which is in progress that will hang next to it and in the end it will be a diptych.‚Äč

‚ÄčThis is a collaboative painting I did with a class of 24 preschoolers. I didn't add anything, rather just embellished what was there. It turned out to be a graffiti-like painting. The subsequent paintings were done with families and you can view them here.
Koilet was created at Art Center for my fine art class. No brushes were used , just a it palette knife.